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Activity Guides & How-Tos

by | Oct 15, 2020

Activity Guides & How-Tos: A comprehensive review of Risk Innovation tools and methodologies


As the Risk Innovation Nexus has grown, we have continued to find ways to share actionable approaches to our methodologies. Until now, however, those approaches were accessible to relatively few people.

We are excited to share the new Activity Guides & How-Tos page – a page designed to give you a practical introduction to risk innovation tools, methods and approaches, and guide you through how you can apply these to your idea, project, or organization. The Guides are completely self-directed, so when and how you use them is completely up to you!


So, who is it for?

The Activity Guides & How-Tos are relevant to entrepreneurs, innovators, project managers, and anyone who is developing and using an entrepreneurial mindset in their work. They will provide you with new ways of understanding and navigating risks that may otherwise prevent you from succeeding in what you set out to achieve, and will guide you through the effective use of a suite of tools and resources developed here at the Arizona State University Risk Innovation Nexus.


Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights:


We hope you’ll use the risk innovation approach and methodologies to develop the agility, resilience, and foresight needed to advance your own work and build a better future. You’ll find our Activity Guides & How-Tos page linked here. Happy navigating!

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