Risk Scenarios

The Risk Innovation Nexus uses scenarios that present companies like yours, creating or engaging new technologies and navigating the impacts of orphan risks on the enterprise, investors, customers, and the broader community. The scenarios illustrate the challenges presented by orphan risks within different contexts, and how addressing them can help avoid potentially damaging consequences. These are based on hypothetical but realistic enterprises and situations, and serve to help users understand how risk innovation approaches are relevant to their specific needs, and how they can begin to apply them.

Our goal is to use the accompanying questions to identify risks that may arise with hypothetical companies, and then see if those risks could impact your own enterprise. As you read through the questions, try to draw connections from these questions / responses to your own enterprise.

Examples of the risk scenarios we work with:

Adapt – a – Seed

AI Optimize

Bright Futures


No-Pain Meat

Powered Brain

Seven Twenty Four

Trust Me

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