The Risk Innovation Nexus captures the idea of accelerating successful entrepreneurship and innovation through the ideas and concepts embedded in risk innovation. Coming out of the Arizona State University Risk Innovation Lab, the Risk Innovation Nexus  was conceived as a way of augmenting existing approaches to entrepreneurship and innovation to increase success rates and positive impact. The project, supported by The J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute at Arizona State University, is developing a suite of risk innovation tools that can be adapted by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures to identify and navigate a wide array of orphan risks that they potentially face throughout the process of becoming established and sustainable.

As of October, 2020, the Risk Innovation Nexus team is no longer adding new content to this site, but we invite you to continue to use, download and share our suite of tools, resources, methods and approaches. You will find how-to videos and downloadable content on our Activity Guides page. Our Culminating Report is linked here.

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