Orphan Risks

Unintended Consequences of Emerging Technologies

Unintended Consequences of Emerging Technologies addresses the often-unanticipated impacts of new technological capabilities.

Black Swan Events

Risks from very low probability but high impact events.

Co-opted Tech

Risks from technologies and products that are used in ways that undermine the intention of the original business or business owner.

Health & Environment

Risks from new technologies, and the products they are associated with, behaving in sufficiently novel ways that potentially lead to threats to human health and the environment.

Intergenerational Impacts

Risks from technologies that have potential impacts from one generation to another.

Loss of Agency

Risks from products or business practices that reduce the ability of organizations and individuals to make decisions.

Product Lifecycle

Risks from unintended impacts of where and how a product’s materials are sourced and manufactured, how it is used, and its disposal and/or reuse.

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