The Risk Innovation Nexus is developing a range of tools and resources that are designed to increase the chances of success within enterprises. These are built on a foundation of developing a risk innovation mindset, approaching risk as a threat to value, identifying orphan risks, and navigating a complex and evolving risk landscape.

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Risk Innovation Strategy

The shifting landscape around emerging technologies, social norms and expectations, and globalization, is throwing up orphan risks that, if not prepared for early on, can prove costly to an enterprise, and even fatal. Yet because these risks are uncertain and elusive, there is no guarantee that up-front investment in concrete steps to avoiding them will pay off. Because of this, it’s tempting to focus on what’s obvious and understood, and leave possible orphan risks for another day. And yet this is how enterprises end up being blindsided.

This is precisely the dilemma that the Risk Innovation Nexus is addressing, by providing enterprises with tools that build awareness, agility and resilience to orphan risks, without demanding crippling up-front investments.

We are committed to accelerating success through the use of risk innovation. And a key part of this is a growing portfolio of tools that organizations can use in context-relevant ways. These tools are explicitly aimed at entrepreneurs, startups, and early investors—venture capital investors in particular. However, they are sufficiently flexible to be useful in large and small enterprises, within both the public and the private sector.

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