AI Optimize

A hypothetical risk scenario

Improving business decisions through artificial intelligence

You are the CEO of “AI Optimize”—a company that specializes in developing custom machine learning solutions for other businesses that are designed to automate critical business decisions. Your service is based on a novel deep learning platform that uses multiple sources of data to provide rapid advice and insights on critical business operations, including personnel, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing, and fiscal decisions. By using a combination of data from public and private sources, including employee activities and behavior, solutions provided by AI Optimize have been shown to improve production efficiency and increase profits by between 5% – 10%. However, to ensure this level of performance, AI Optimize requires full access to data related to a business’ operations, including monitoring employees. In most cases, it is not possible to trace how AI Optimize’s algorithms arrived at their recommendations. However, a growing number of examples demonstrate that, despite this, the technology leads to business improvements in most cases.

AI Optimize also offers a further level of service, where their technology can be configured to make key business decisions without any human intervention. The reliability of the technology is such that, where this option has been implemented, some companies have seen quarterly profits exceed projections by between 60%-90%.

Critical Risk Dimensions

  • Perception
  • Privacy
  • Social Justice & Equity
  • Black Swan Events
  • Co-opted Tech
  • Loss of Agency
  • Geopolitics
  • Governance & Regulation
  • Organizational Values & Culture
  • Reputation & Trust

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Key questions for identifying orphan risks


How does your product have the potential to compromise the privacy of clients and their stakeholders? 


To what extent might your product potentially lead to a loss of agency in terms of accountability for decisions and actions? 


Are there ways in which your organizational culture could potentially impede the long term success of the company? 


Could the ways your product is developed, marketed and used undermine business and investor trust, and reputation? 


How could the evolving global politics around the use of data and AI potentially affect your business?

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