The Risk Innovation Nexus is committed to developing tools and services that incorporate risk innovation into organizational thinking and decision-making in ways that add substantial value, accelerating success without diverting resources from where they are needed.

As the risk landscape around innovation becomes increasingly complex, there is a growing need for risk innovation-focused and inspired services that are tailored to supporting success. Without new thinking and tools around risk innovation, organizations ranging from startups to mature businesses are going to find it increasingly difficult to grow and succeed in the future.

Organizations that incorporate risk innovation thinking are more likely to develop a competitive edge that differentiates them from their competitors, and helps them understand the risk landscape that lies between them and a successful future.

Guiding the development and application of the Risk Innovation Nexus’ tools and services are a set of core principles. Our tools and services: 


Are simple, intuitive, and not require a heavy time-investment to use effectively.


Complement, enhance and otherwise add value to existing risk assessment and management approaches.


Reveal critical pitfalls and opportunities in the risk landscape users face that would otherwise be overlooked or remain hidden.


Are adaptable and scalable to user-specific needs.


Help develop a risk innovation mindset that leads to creative and effective approaches to navigating new and emerging risks.


Add demonstrable value to users and stakeholders, by enabling them to successfully navigate orphan risks.

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